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2 different types of boundary disputes 

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Real Estate Disputes

If you own a building, you may also own some of the land around it. You have the right to use and enjoy that land without undue interference. There is a legal property boundary that prevents your neighbors and others from interfering with your enjoyment of the land. 

Unfortunately, boundaries are not always clear, and issues can arise. What are some of the most common forms of boundary disputes

1. Installations over property lines 

Many boundary disputes occur between direct neighbors. For example, the family next door may have decided to erect a fence to provide their dog with a secure garden. The trouble is that this fence has encroached onto your garden and you’ve lost some space. 

Real estate doesn’t come cheap and owners have the right to use every inch of their land, without encroaching onto others. 

2. Disputes over access 

Another common source of boundary disputes occurs when there are disagreements over access. An example of access would be a roadway that leads to a series of houses. This road may be privately owned but other homeowners may have access rights. This is especially the case when that road is the only way that someone can access their property. However, some people claim to have a right of access when they do not. In this case, they could be trespassing on your property. 

Access may also include allowing other properties to gain access to the land to install and repair utilities. For example, the main gas supply for the area may be on one person’s legal property. However, for safety reasons especially, the owner of that property should provide access. When access is purposely restricted, it can cause lengthy boundary disputes. 

Real estate disputes can be complex, particularly when it comes to boundaries. Seeking legal guidance is the best place to start.