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How can a quiet title action help when buying real estate?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Real Estate Disputes

When you find a piece of real estate to buy, it is best to ensure you are 100% sure that the title is clean before you sign to purchase. A clean title simply means one where there are no doubts over ownership.

Real estate titles often have minor issues with them that could potentially cause you problems if you go ahead without clarifying things first. For example, the neighbor believes the boundary line should be a few feet further to your side. Someone claims they have the right of access across the land. Or someone believes the property cannot be sold without the owner first paying off a debt that the owner says is already canceled.

A quiet title action can provide clarity on what the truth is

For example, it may be that the current owner did indeed pay the debt off, but the lien still shows on the property due to a clerical error. Perhaps the neighbor is correct, and a previous owner did put the boundary fence in the wrong place. Or, in the case of someone claiming a right of access, it may be that they do have that, and that right will continue for another ten years, or that it will die when the property changes hands.

Real estate typically requires a significant investment, so it is best to ensure you are clear on the state of the title before going ahead. Learning more about how to file a quiet title action can give you the clarity you need.