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Resolving lien priority disputes between co-tenants

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | Real Estate Disputes

Lien priority disputes can be a complex issue. They often arise when multiple parties claim a right to a property due to various encumbrances. These claims can include mortgages, tax liens or judgments against the property owner. In co-ownership situations, it is crucial to determine who has the first right to the property’s value in case of a sale or foreclosure.

What does lien priority mean?

To put it simply, lien priority determines who gets paid first when a property is sold or foreclosed upon. It is a crucial concept in property law that can help ensure creditors receive their due payments. So, when co-tenants share ownership of the property, conflicts can arise over which liens take precedence.

Resolving lien priority disputes

To resolve lien priority disputes among co-tenants, co-tenants may consider:

  • Maintaining open and honest communication: Co-tenants should discuss their concerns and what their options are, and work toward a mutually agreeable solution.
  • Seeking legal assistance: Consulting with an attorney can help in determining the best course of action that co-tenants may pursue to resolve the dispute.
  • Refinancing or loan assumption: If one co-tenant holds the mortgage, they may consider refinancing or allowing another co-tenant to assume the loan. This can help clear up lien priority issues.
  • Selling the property: In some cases, selling the property and distributing the proceeds among co-tenants may be the most practical solution.
  • Entering subordination agreements: These agreements can help establish the order of lien priority while protecting everyone’s interests.

Lien priority disputes are a common issue in real estate, and they become more complex when co-tenants are involved. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember that clarity and cooperation can go a long way in preventing disputes and preserving your interests in the property.