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How to handle a boundary dispute

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2023 | Real Estate Disputes

While most Washington residents make wonderful neighbors, there are instances in which boundary disputes arise between community members. In some cases, these disputes are the result of poor record-keeping at the local courthouse, while other disputes are the result of misunderstandings about property lines. Fortunately, residents involved in a boundary dispute have options.

Have a survey conducted

One of the most effective ways of settling real estate disputes involves hiring a professional surveyor to inspect the property. If the dispute involves the construction of a new building, the survey will inform the property owner exactly where their property ends and their neighbor’s property begins. These surveys provide indisputable, legally binding information about the subject property’s boundaries.

Work with your neighbor

It’s common for people to purchase a property only to discover that some of it falls on their neighbor’s land. Since no one wants to become embroiled in a legal battle, it’s possible for neighbors to work together to settle the dispute. One such method involves both neighbors coming together to designate an object, such as a row of trees or a hedge, to serve as the boundary.

Choosing mediation

Mediators are professionals who serve as unbiased third parties when people find themselves involved in a dispute. In the case of a property dispute, the mediator works with both property owners to create a resolution that works for everyone involved. Most real estate experts agree that mediation is a much better option than taking legal action, as it’s not only faster, but it’s also cheaper.

The most effective way to solve a boundary dispute is to avoid becoming involved in one. Being a good neighbor, respecting your neighbors and paying close attention to existing deeds are all excellent ways to avoid real estate disputes.