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What are the legal risks of selling a fixer-upper as is?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2024 | Real Estate Law

Fixer-upper homes can be attractive to buyers who enjoy investing in property for resale or fixing up their own homes. For those who want to sell a fixer-upper home, it can be advantageous as it allows them to avoid putting labor and money into the property.

While it is perfectly legal to sell a home, even one in disrepair, as is, you must follow certain rules. Otherwise, you may find yourself locked in an expensive real estate dispute with a dissatisfied buyer.

Tips for legally selling a home as is

Real estate disclosure laws apply regardless of whether you are selling a brand-new property or a fixer-upper in need of some repair. You must disclose everything that is wrong or damaged to potential sellers.

Here are some tips to help you sell a distressed or damaged home without violating Washington or federal real estate laws.

  • Thorough documentation. Keep detailed records of the property’s condition, including any known issues or defects.
  • Honest disclosures. Be transparent about the property’s state, disclosing all known problems to potential buyers as required by law.
  • Legal compliance. Remain in full compliance with all relevant state and federal real estate laws.
  • Keep correspondence. Save records of your communications with interested parties to protect yourself if a dispute arises.

You may think legal guidance is unnecessary when selling a home as is, but it can actually save you money, time and legal headaches down the road. Consider speaking with someone experienced in Washington real estate laws and disputes to learn more about safely selling a fixer-upper.