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Requirements for statue of fraud cases

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Real Estate Disputes

In Washington and other places in the United States, a written contract may be required in some legal transactions. These cases include any promises made in connection to marriage, agreements that cannot be completed in less than one year, land sales, promises to pay estate debt from the trustee’s personal funds and the sale of goods over a specific dollar amount.

What contracts are enforceable under the statute of fraud?

Not all contracts are enforceable under the statute of fraud. These cases may include breach of contract property disputes. Enforceable contracts must:

• Be signed by both parties

• Quantity of goods to be received must be stated

• Goods must be safely transported to a valid address

• Written rejection of goods must be given in writing promptly

Are oral contracts enforceable?

Oral contracts may be enforceable under the statute of fraud in Washington. Generally, one party must act based on the word of another person. For example, a house painter buys paint because a homeowner tells him to paint his house. Secondly, one person complied with the terms of the agreement. For instance, a custom t-shirt shop makes shirts with a company logo for a business owner who later changes their mind.

Filing a statue of fraud case

In Washington, a statute of fraud cases based on an oral agreement must be filed within three years. If a written contract is in place, the person wronged has six years to file a case.

is a lawyer required to write the contract?

No, a lawyer does not have to write the contract, but checking with one is always a good idea. The agreement can be a memo in which both parties sign their names, use a stamp showing their name or sign digitally.

Statue of fraud cases can be brought based on oral and written contracts if one party fails to live up to an agreement.