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How to remedy an encroachment with your neighbor

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Real Estate Disputes

One of many reasons why residents love Washington is because of its beautiful homes. As you move into a home, it’s understandable to hope that things go well between you and your new neighbors. Unfortunately, almost nothing can jeopardize this relationship faster than an encroachment. Here are a few ways to resolve this issue with a neighbor.

Verbally resolving things with your neighbor

If possible, the easiest way to deal with a neighbor intruding on your property is to speak with them. Should you and your neighbor choose to resolve this dispute, it’s smart to have an encroachment agreement in writing. This prevents the creation of adverse possession claims.

Selling the land surrounding an encroachment

What should you do if you don’t want an encroachment on your property, but your neighbor isn’t removing it? You could sell the percentage of your property to your neighbor that their encroachment covers. Before you do this, it’s good to avoid any REAL ESTATE LAW – real estate disputes by contacting your mortgage lender. By doing this, you’ll have up-to-date land records.

Resolving a dispute in court

Sometimes, two parties can’t agree on what to do about an encroachment. When this happens, they might have to resolve things in court. But don’t assume that you’ll come out of this case a winner. Sometimes, adverse possession laws can lead to undesirable verdicts for victims of encroachment.

In closing, seeing a neighbor’s property intrude into yours isn’t always welcome. It’s good for both parties to know that resolving things privately can save them a lot of time and money spent on legal fees. However, the best method for you to choose depends on how well you and your neighbor get along.