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01. Real Estate

Catherine has experience successfully handling complex property issues in a variety of real estate cases, including eminent domain cases. She has also served as a court-appointed arbitrator from 1999 to 2019 and as a mediator focusing on real estate cases, where her range of expertise combined with her wide experience in court gives her a unique and outstanding ability to bring cases to a successful conclusion.

Catherine has represented clients in a variety of areas involving real estate disputes including the following areas, offered in no order of preference:

  • Eminent domain matters (direct condemnation, inverse condemnation and the private right of condemnation)

  • Leasing disputes in the commercial setting

  • Lien priority disputes including interests of co-tenants

  • Unique title issues in the residential and commercial settings

  • Trespass and waste cases

  • Purchase and Sale Disputes in both the residential and commercial settings


Catherine also handles a variety of other issues related to the ownership, use and development of real property at both the trial and appellate court levels.

Complex Property Issues