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Mediation & Arbitration

Who said you have to go to court? There are other ways, and Catherine can help you get there.

Court cases are stressful, usually expensive, and can take a long time. But they are not the only answer, even to complex property issues, if you’re willing to take a different approach.

Mediation and arbitration can each let you reach a solution to your issues without a trial, and Catherine has experience in both to help you.

Arbitration is usually a shorter, faster, and less stressful alternative to taking a dispute to trial. The arbitrator hears both sides of a case and comes to a verdict, but the process is less formal than a trial and can take much less time. Catherine has served as a court-appointed arbitrator for the King County Superior Court since 1999. She has presided over a number of real estate, contract, construction, and tort cases.

Mediation is a purely voluntary process in which both sides of a dispute work with a mediator to come to an agreement that settles their case outside the court system. Catherine has served as a mediator focusing on real estate matters and enjoys using her knowledge and experience to help the parties in a dispute come to a mutually agreeable solution.