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Welcome to the Law Office of Catherine "Cat" C. Clark

"We Don't Do Easy"

We have a saying at the Law Office of Catherine C. Clark: “We don’t do easy.” We say that because we understand that being involved in a lawsuit is difficult and stressful. It usually requires folks to navigate and understand a complicated legal process with complex legal concepts.

The fear of the unknown—what is going to happen and how much will it cost – are just a couple of questions that people want an answer to. In short, no lawsuit is easy no matter what anyone tells you.

Frankly, why would you want to do that alone?

We understand the stress and difficulty of legal disputes. Catherine has been practicing law for more than 22 years. She well understands not only the legal issues and challenges but also the emotional toll it can bring to a client.

So, if you have a case involving a civil dispute, a commercial dispute, a real estate dispute, a personal injury, or an appeal, contact us. We will listen to you, give you a plan of action, and give you options so you can decide which direction is best for you.